This shower head has been designed to shower you in bubbles – it's the first of it's kind

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  • We think we can safely say that bubbles make everyone smile, not just children. One bathroom company has taken our love of bubbles one step further and created a luxury shower head that allows you to shower in bubble droplets.

    If you are looking for modern bathroom ideas, then this new contemporary spa-style bubble shower will take your new ensuite, family bathroom or walk-in steam room to the next level. The World’s first BubbleSpa® from Kelda Showers,  promises to transform your shower experience by dispersing droplets the size of bubbles.

    Image credit: Kelda Showers

    Spa bathrooms have become one of the biggest bathroom trends of the year, even before we caught sight of Gwyneth Paltrow’s next-level bathroom temple for relaxation. After the stress of the pandemic, and deprivation of our usual spa or beauty salon visits many of us have sought out relaxing bathroom ideas to recreate that feeling of stepping into an oasis of calm at home. Kelda’s bubble shower is an extension of this trend that we seriously hope is going to catch on.

    ‘Driven by a desire to provide customers with a spa-like experience at home, our vision was to design a shower that would awaken the senses and leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed.’ explains Richard White, CEO at Kelda Showers.

    Kelda BubbleSpa® shower

    The state-of-the-art advanced ‘squircle’ shaped showerhead is framed with integrated LED lighting that illuminates each bubble creating a ‘high definition’ spray form. According to Kelda, whilst showering very large droplets filled with air fall softly onto the body. The experience is designed to revitalise the skin and rinse away stress.

    Contemporary Kelda shower with bubblespa droplets

    Image credit: Kelda Showers

    The shower bubbles are so big they emit a satisfying sound as they softly tap and burst on the skin which Kelda believe stimulates the body’s senses further. Turn down the bathroom dab radio when showering, as each bubble is said to simulate a soft rhythmical fingertip that is synonymous with traditional Swedish massage techniques.

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    Kelda’s BubbleSpa shower is the result of over ten years of development in Air-Powered Technology, drawn from aerospace and automotive engineering. It’s so ‘bubble-wrapped’ that it’s currently the only shower with Kelda’s patented bubble technology inside.